Dusk, Volume 2

Budgie Bigalow, author of “Askharoth”, “Freedom Lane”, and “Blood Drive”, invited me to contribute an introduction to his newest collection of short fiction entitled “Dusk, Volume 2”; a tale I call Day Zero.

You can purchase the book from Amazon.com, and you can find more finely crafted short fiction and stories written by Budgie at BudgieBigelow.com

The Christmas Meat Train

Budgie Bigalow, author of Askharoth, Mediterrania, and Freedom Lane, invited Jim Watts, of Vagabond Saints fame, and I to contribute to a collection of flash fiction on his website, at BudgieBigelow.com, entitled The Christmas Meat Train.

You’ll find my stories:

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Be Good for Goodness Sake

Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice

He Knows if You’ve Been Bad or Good


All aboard! Santa’s annual train ride is about to begin, and it’s one his guests will never forget. Accompanying art by @BluntSharpness