Shady Affiliates

Harbingerr Approved Habiliments, Artistry, Podcasts, and Omnifarious Shadiness

@VagabondSaints on Twitter, Vagabond_Saints on Instagram, VSTLVestments on Facebook – Looking Pretty, Being Shitty

ShopWistfulBlue on Instagram and WistfulBlue on Etsy – Nostalgia Collector, Cute Stuff Creator

@s_c_reflections on Twitter, SteelCityReflections on Instagram and Facebook – Because you should ALWAYS feel f’king beautiful!


@GameAwry on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – is a website for people who like games, contests, prizes, and bullshitting about online


@Btl_podcast on Twitter, BeyondTheLinePodcast on Facebook, BeyondTheLine_Podcast on Instagram, and – Go Fuck Yourself


@ArtistMafia on Twitter and Instagram, ArtistMafiaGallery on Facebook – An international online art gallery

BrewBloods Sticker Small

@BrewBloods on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – Join @themarc and @thews9775 each week as they pick a beer, drink a beer, and rate a beer, plus dispensing education and laughs along the way


@Chewstroke on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – Art Apparel Attitude


Cadaver Conspiracy on

Lord Saviour on


Dead Serious Yall on Tumblr and uunnddeeaadd on Instagram


@bastardcreation on Twitter – The Artwork and Photography of a Real Bastard

Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders on, @savagehenrysask on Twitter, SavageHenryAndTheInfamousOnePounders on Facebook, and TheeSavageHenry on Instagram – Blowing a Load of White Hot Rock and Fucking Roll in Your Face Since 1998


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