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The Valentines for Doomy Series is a collection of short fiction and artwork by various writers and illustrators in order to raise funds for Ari, the daughter of our dearly missed friend, Joanna A.K.A Doomy. This collection is a labor of love for the many people who wanted to do something to help a young girl after the loss of her mother to breast cancer.

Inside you’ll find dark fiction, haiku, comedy, erotica, and much, much more. All proceeds go to a college fund set up in Ari’s name.

If you feel so inclined, you can donate directly to Ari’s college fund by clicking here.

Available on Amazon – $6.99


Available on Amazon – $9.99











Shady Harbingerr is a creative outlet for tastelessly unapologetic, politically incorrect humor and omnifarious shady shit. #ShadyAsFuck

You may be angry, but ask yourself why.

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Author of omnifarious tales, Harbingerr has been described as the Voynich Manuscript of humans. Lover of the gruesome and offensive, she finds comfort in the uncomfortable, except when it comes to writing a bio, so we let Harbingerr’s friends do it for her.

  • “A warm, fleshy vehicle harboring hatred and contempt for human kind.” – Ryan Laughlin

  • “An unapologetic, beer guzzling, take no prisoners, child of the dark lord Satan. With a smile.” – Curt Pasisz

  • “Beautiful eyes, infectious smile. Tough, principled, and not to be fucked with. Kind, generous, and loving, but only to those lucky enough to be in her good graces.” – Benn Willcox

  • “Driven, educated, twisted, loyal, a proper cunt, but not a twat to any degree. Disturbed in that way of walking it on a leash like a familiar. Where it’s enjoyable for those around you and makes you feel more at ease and comfortable not only with you but with themselves.” – Fat Fett

  • “Headstrong and creative.” – Mike Burdette

  • “Strong-willed, self-sufficient, beautiful, funny, down-to-earth, confident, empathetic (at times lol), intelligent and all around badass.” – Smug Overdose

  • “Awesome. Best friend anyone could have. Pragmatic. Unconditionally loving and empathetic to all people….hahahahahahahahaha” – The Separatist

  • “Oddly passionate, brutally honest, probably the way Bob Ross would paint a picture after an 8 ball of coke.” – Jason Herrera

  • “Maker and creator of the devil, swine merchant, 10,000 diseases…” – Grimm Saul

Email us at Harbingerr@Harbingerr.com

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